Enjoy your complimentary breakfast in our bright and spacious hall. With a continental selection of buffet-style hot and cold food, freshly prepared every day. From warm oven-baked pastries to juicy fresh fruit delivered straight from the market; whatever your preferences, we are sure to satisfy them with our locally sourced Rhodian produce.

Snack Bar

Enjoy a refreshing drink in the shade paired with a serving from our poolside snack bar. Our wide menu has all the classics you’ve come to expect, with our own Mediterranean twists and influences thrown in.


Our friendly staff are here around the clock to answer your queries and give you directions to famous landmarks and hidden beaches.


Let our bartender pour you a delicious cocktail from our extensive bar menu or create your own perfect Gin and Tonic from the herbs and fruits freshly sampled from our garden. Alternatively experience the thirst-quenching Mythos beer or for a quick pick-me-up, choose from our selection of revitalising coffees.

Swimming Pool

Dip your toes in our crystal clear blue water and make all your co-workers and neighbours green with envy at your hard-earned golden brown tan.